Take Ownership of Your Health: Hold Yourself Accountable

Take Ownership of Your Health: Hold Yourself Accountable

Over the years, I’ve conducted in depth analysis on health topics like fat, pathology and disorder. I even have additionally studied theories of behavior modification. What jumps out at Maine the foremost is what percentage of those conditions area unit preventable. Yes, there area unit non-modifiable factors but, it’s our behaviors that area unit inflicting harm to our health and eudaimonia. primarily, we tend to area unit all conscious of our unhealthy behaviors and also the consequences related to them. I desire i am a anomaly in society as a result of I truly relish physical activity, aiming to the athletic facility and pushing my body to its limits. i used to be additionally criticised heavily as a result of it took Maine nearly period to finishing looking the third season of unknown Things. Let that sink in. we tend to board a society wherever it’s the norm to observe a whole season of a tv series over a weekend, not to mention at some point and this is often fully acceptable, even inspired. I desire I even have to justify why i do not binge watch tv, why I rouse early to exercise and why I limit processed foods (among several alternative ingredients) from my diet.

Advantages of taking Ownership of Your Health:

My reason is straightforward, I pair for my health. Health could be a priority to Maine and that i wish to face the daily challenges of life with quantity} amount of pain, discomfort and unhealthiness as attainable. i am not a machine, i buy sick every so often and that i have a history of injuries. I watch tv and films and i am well-known to derive pleasure a meal or snack of the unhealthy selection every so often. I attempt to keep my system best and cut back my risk of injury through strength and adaptability coaching. Let’s examine exercise. Most people grasp that it’s helpful to our health, not simply physically however showing emotion also. accumulated levels of physical activity have the potential to lower the danger of fat, polygenic disorder and disorder (among several more) in keeping with multiple sources. we all know that being inactive will increase the danger of the mentioned conditions, however several people like better to do nothing concerning it. there’s a disconnect between what we all know and what we tend to do. can we not prioritise our health and quality of life? can we get distracted with the benefit of technology and everything obtainable at the bit of a button? can we savvy several deaths are often prevented annually by modifying our behaviors?

So much of what we tend to expertise is preventable if we tend to take the mandatory precautions. we do not need to wait till we tend to get diagnosed to form a modification. we are able to create changes so we do not get diagnosed. we tend to do have the time if we tend to create it a priority. we are able to notice a superfluity of excuses why we do not exercises of we are able to concentrate on reasons why we should always. I will honestly say that i’m 100% accountable for all of the injuries I’ve sustained in my period. whether or not it had been negligence, content or ego, i used to be guilty and that i take full possession of that.

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